The McDermott Group

McDermott Design provides mechanical engineering consulting and construction documentation for the building industry. We specialize in package and split-system HVAC systems in single zone and multiple zone applications along with VVT (Variable Volume and Temperature) controls for larger, multi-zone package units.

Plumbing systems include complete building waste, water and fuel gas along with roof-drainage engineering and design. We are well versed in the current ICBO Building (UBC), Mechanical (UMC) and Plumbing (UPC) codes along with the ICC International Code 2000 standards.

The scope of our projects include the following:

Mechanical Engineering Consulting

    • Single Family Custom and Production Homes
    • Multi-Family Homes and Apartments
    • Retail Stores
    • Grocery Stores
    • Schools – Public and Private
    • Office Buildings – Single and Multiple Floors
    • R&D Facilities
    • Churches

Building Design Consulting
(Complete Construction Documents)

    • Single Family Custom and Production Homes
    • Residential Remodels and Additions
    • Office and Retail Tenant Improvements

Valley Energy Consultants provides energy compliance consulting and documentation for all types of residential and commercial buildings throughout the country. We model Envelope, Mechanical and Lighting systems using Title 24 energy programs within the State of California and the EPA’s Model Energy Code along with State-Specific programs outside of California. We offer cost saving techniques for energy compliance so you and/or your client will have a comfortable and efficient building.

The scope of our projects include the following:


    • Single Family Custom and Production Homes
    • Multi-family Dwellings
    • Additions and Remodels
    • Multiple Orientation Runs for Production Homes and Dwellings
    • Multiple-Zone Homes and Dwellings


    • Complete Office Buildings
    • Tenant Improvements
    • Schools
    • Churches
    • Office/Warehouse Facilities
    • Envelope Systems – All Types of Building Components
    • Mechanical Systems – Air, Water, Central, Packaged, VAV and Others
    • Lighting Systems – General, Retail, Task, Display, Daylighting and Others
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